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  • Our clinic was always known for its faultless disinfection. Therefore we are proud to say that many of our constant patients came to us after they had found out about the conditions of high-level disinfection in our clinic. More than this, when they also received a qualitative treatment they realized that dental clinic Denta Vita is exactly what they needed. A proof of the faultless disinfection in our clinic is also the fact that employees of local sanitary epidemiological station are our steady patients for many years. For they certainly know how disinfection should be made…

  • Our clinic is equipped with a threefold system of toolkit processing and disinfection. First of all the entire toolkit is soaked only in special reagents of DURR firm (Germany) (for 30-60 minutes) where all known microbes and viruses are completely destroyed (for your information: the virus of AIDS and Hepatitis is completely destroyed in such solution in only 15 minutes!).

  • Then all instruments are processed in an ultrasonic bath, by using other strong reactive solutions.

  • Only after instrument was completely washed out and dried up it is sealed in tight disposable packages.

    Hermetic packages where instrument is put in, is marked inside with an orange indicator (for your information: after disinfection the indicator will confirm the sterility of the instrument).

  • The instruments sealed in tight disposable packages are put into a special device called "Autoclave" where they are completely disinfected under a pressure of 2 Аtm. by means of steams heated up to the temperature 135°С.

  • Tight packing allows keeping the instruments sterile up to one year. If the indicator’s color turns from orange into brown this confirms that the cycle of disinfection is carried on successfully (for your information: when the cycle of disinfection is disturbed the indicator doesn’t change its color).

    Preparations used for disinfecting instruments and equipment produced by DURR firm (Germany).