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Frenum plasty with LASER

Frenum plasty with LASER


Very often the reason why roots of frontal teeth uncover and why periodontitis develops subsequently consists in short frenulums - frenulum of upper lip, lingual frenulum (ankyloglossia) or a tiny entrance of oral cavity (distance from the edge of gum of frontal teeth to the mobile mucosa).

Short frenulum or small entrance of oral cavity are a traumatizing factor during talking or eating. Then the gingival edge detaches from tooth’s surface, gingival and periodontal pockets appear, roots uncover, this way periodontitis develops.

Short frenulum of upper lip leads also to the development of diastema - gaps between central incisors.

Ankyloglossia (tongue tie) can lead to an incorrect occlusion and cause a defect of speech.

Plastic surgery of frenulums of oral cavity takes place under local anesthesia in just one visit, using LASER (watch the trailer). The sooner this development defects are removed, the less pronounced will be consequences of their influence.

Plastic surgery of frenulum of upper lip is executed by the surgeon when the child has the four incisors on upper jawbone completely grown (in average, around 7-8 years). Plastic surgery of entrance of oral cavity will be realized after the complete growing of four incisors on lower jawbone (at 8-9 years).

These and other technologies are used in the dental centre “Denta Vita” located in the centre of Chisinau, where our qualified dentists take advantage of all their experience with the help of the up-to-date equipment for our patients’ benefit.