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Tooth extraction

Fine work of dentists and the newest technologies make wonders – at present the recommendations for teeth removal reduced considerably.

It is better to remove a sick tooth if:

  • caries process became complicated and developed into cyst, granuloma occurrence at teeth roots
  • pathological process affected the lower maxillary or trigeminal nerve
  • it is impossible to liquidate an inflammatory process inside the bone or periosteum, for the tooth maintains evolution of osteomyelitis and periodontitis
  • tooth is so destroyed by decay process, that modern methods of restoration don’t allow restoring it
  • the "wisdom tooth" is obliquely situated and destroys neighbor teeth.

How to perform teeth removal?

The tooth is firmly fixed with a binding device in holes of alveolar apophysis of the jawbones and to remove it special instrument skit and certain skills are necessary. Of course, tooth removal is performed under complete anesthetization.

Before removing tooth it is obligatory to make the x-ray picture. This is obligatory in order to specify the indications for tooth removal, bring out particularities of structure and location of roots of the removed tooth. This helps avoiding complications; as surgery of tooth removal is not always simple, as in the novel M. Twain. Sometimes tooth has an atypical structure, its roots penetrate deeply the jawbone or the maxillary sinus. If dentist doesn’t know about these particularities before surgery, during surgery it may occur serious bleedings or form fistula in the post-operative period.

Surgery starts with a thorough anesthetization. Then doctor detaches the gum, destroys ligament apparatus using dental forceps and … this is all – the tooth is removed.
In case of certain diseases, mainly inflammations, antibacterial and ant-inflammation medicines are prescript for prophylactic purpose before and immediately after tooth removal.

Tooth removal – is a completely painless procedure, whilst after surgery unpleasant painful feelings may occur. It is natural, as the removed tooth held huge mastication pressure and was very firmly fixed in the jawbone. Tooth removal is impossible without damaging surrounding tissues, which causes pain. For intensive pains analgesics are used and in most cases it is enough to wash mouth with anti-inflammation solutions.

At the end of reconstruction period, lasting in average from 1 week to several months, it is necessary to determine further dental strategy. Because even if one tooth is removed, the biomechanics of mastication are disturbed and the rest of teeth is damaged.

Of course, denture placement method is chosen individually depending on each concrete case.

Dental implantation is a way to replace lost teeth. The implanted tooth reconstructs completely the natural biomechanics and possesses excellent esthetic properties.

These and other technologies are used in the dental centre “Denta Vita” located in the centre of Chisinau, where our qualified dentists take advantage of all their experience with the help of the up-to-date equipment for our patients’ benefit.