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How to choose a dental clinic or dentist?

How to choose a dental clinic or dentist?

If you regularly visit a dentist, know how he works and his prices and you are satisfied with the quality of his work, it is not worth "experimenting" with your teeth. And if you have no doctor who constantly monitors your teeth health or your doctor does not suit you for a reason, what should you do?

Rule 1. Ask questions.

The best you can do is to turn to your relatives or friends and ask them about the dentist or clinic where they were treated, whose work and prices they have been satisfied with for a long time. It is certainly not one-hundred-percent guarantee, but you are on the beaten track and the chances that the choice is correct are high.

Rule 2. Listen.

The traditional question about the price of a filling or a crown is low informative. But it is worth listening to the information about the working material, methods and the technologies of work that are of great importance. But the principal question, what specialist will do the work. The quality of work performed with the same material but by different doctors may vary. It also depends on the doctor’s experience, skill, diligence, abilities and talents.

Rule 3. Watch.

There are no trifles in dentistry. If the clinic is clean, has nice interior, competent staff, modern facilities, friendly attitude and you feel that they really want to help you, the chance of getting good dental care is higher. There are dentists who have reached their clinical mastery and there are ones who only work at it. The way the doctor works and speaks, immediately shows if he or she is already professional or not.

Rule 4. Try it.

If after asking all the questions, hearing and seeing everything, you are still not sure where to go and what dentist to be treated at, make an attempt. First begin with something small like some advice, the removal of tooth deposits or treating a small caries. All this will give you an idea of ​​your choice.

Rule 5. Do not skimp.

The prices for dental services as a rule depend on the used materials and most importantly on the level of professionalism and mastery of the dentist. The opinion that you can get better treatment for less money in another clinic is a myth! And this myth is dangerous because it is difficult or sometimes impossible to change something done in a dental clinic. Of course, you have to be prudent but only when it is justified. You should not skimp investing money into your health!