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We treat parodontosis (periodontosis)

Periodontitis is a problem of almost every second person in our country.

The symptoms of periodontitis are different depending on the stage. Everything starts with the banal gums bleeding. At this stage the process is still reversible, because the periodontal ligament has not been affected yet. This ligament surrounds the tooth and connects it with adjacent ones, so that the chewing pressure is distributed equally across the tooth row not overloading in the periodontal tissues.

If treatment is not performed, the process develops and the periodontal ligament is destroyed. It leads to the appearance of the periodontal pocket. In turn, plaque and tartar deposit there and this stimulates further progression of the process. Periodontal tissues (gums and bone surrounding the tooth) are destroyed and the tooth begins to stagger losing the bone support in the jaw. At this stage, the change of tooth position, appearance of gaps between them can also be visible.

Most patients are given shocking advice at this stage, for example, to remove teeth and put dentures. But, fortunately, modern technologies give opportunity to successfully rehabilitate these patients. Using modern complex laser program for periodontal disease treatment, it became possible to strengthen even the most unstable teeth, grow the lost bone and gum tissue, and, what is the most important, to stop the development of the process in the future.

One of the main chains of this program is Laser scaling (video). Using thin laser fiber and the special periodontal device VECTOR stones and plaque from periodontal pockets are removed and the periodontal tissue from pathogenic bacteria is sterilized.

After the laser treatment, a special photocoagulation film is created that protects the tissue from the repeated penetration of pathogenic bacteria like a biological band and contributes to the closure of periodontal pockets.

Also, the techniques for replanting and regeneration of bone tissue using bone mineral substitutes are applied in the complex treatment and the cable splinting restoring the function of periodontal ligament.
In each separate case, the program may include one or more stages. All its implementation does not require much time (from 1 to 5 visits) and the result is perceptible even after the first session.

The patients with periodontitis suffer from weakened teeth. Because of that, it is also necessary to restore the lost teeth beyond the treatment of the pariodontitis, the traditional metal-ceramic prostheses can not be used.

However, according to recent investigations, around the "dead" teeth (with the removed nerves) the bone tissue intensively dissolves. Therefore, to make prostheses for these patients, the technology without turning the abutment teeth is used. Read about the new methods of treating periodontal disease in the section of the clinic news.

The investigations, conducted at the University of Virginia (USA), testify that patients with severe form of periodontal inflammation (periodontitis), with the presence of chronic infection and the inflammation of the gums risk obtaining the heart disease and even heart attack.

These and other technologies are used in the dental centre “Denta Vita” located in the centre of Chisinau, where our qualified dentists take advantage of all their experience with the help of the up-to-date equipment for our patients’ benefit.