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Bridge dentures

One of the classic types of dentures used for one or several lost teeth is the bridge denture. Bridge denture is called so because it reminds, by its construction, a bridge between neighbor and lacking teeth that it is fixed on. With all this the pressure, attached to the denture, during mastication is transferred to the supporting teeth, because the denture looks like «hanging» on bridge supports. Usually it is necessary to fix crowns on supporting teeth, but today it is possible to do without them...

The choice of type of bridge denture depends on many factors: defect location, occlusion particularities, state of tooth and of periodontal tissues (periodontium) etc. Sometimes money can be the determining factor. Thus, modern technologies and materials most often turn to be more expensive. And it’s not because they are modern or trendy, but because the high cost of materials and of performed works.

To restore a crown it is necessary to prepare the tooth, and to fortification of prepared tooth sometimes it is necessary to remove the pulp from oral cavity and fill it with lasting material. Is it possible to keep teeth alive and not to remove the pulp? Unfortunately, it is not.

There are variants of bridge dentures, which are fixed on metal implantsartificial roots as special high-tech screws. They are screwed in the alveolar apophysis of the jawbone in the place of former tooth root, and afterwards the crown and the entire bridge are attached (bound) on these implants.

If bridge denture is fixed correctly and the patient takes good care of them, then the bridge and crowns can last up to 10 years. Usually orthopedists say that the period of service is guaranteed for 5 years, as the construction can stop correctly fulfilling its function first of all because of changes in the oral cavity and not because of changes in denture.

These and other technologies are used in the dental centre “Denta Vita” located in the centre of Chisinau, where our qualified dentists take advantage of all their experience with the help of the up-to-date equipment for our patients’ benefit.