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Dental implantation is a difficult, multistage process, requiring a responsible attitude not only on behalf of the doctor who performs the surgery, but also on behalf of the patient himself. In order to reduce the complications rate and implant rejection to minimal, and prolong the period of its service as much as possible, it is necessary to strictly observe doctor’s recommendations, including recommendations referring to particularities of oral hygiene in different periods after implantation.

Yet at the preparation stage it is necessary to thoroughly observe the oral hygiene, because one of the conditions, necessary to successfully place the denture, represents the achievement of maximum disinfection of surgical area during procedure of dental implant placement. For this reason it is necessary to get a healthy condition of the gums, which means remove the dental plaque and tartar.

Before implantation the dentist will teach you the basic skills on correct oral hygiene, but also on the hygiene of temporary and permanent teeth dentures. The lack of microorganisms hotbeds ensures a long service of dental denture. That is why we will use together with the mechanic methods (cleaning the above and under-gum dental plaque and tartar on teeth surfaces, removing dental plaque holding on natural teeth or on dentures) an antimicrobial medicinal therapy, and in some cases even surgical treatment.

In early post-operative period it is very important to observe the recommendations of the therapist: taking all prescript medicines (antibiotics, anesthetics) and keeping to the diet. In this case the diet consists in eating soft and liquid or rubbed food, traumatizing the mucous membrane the least possible, reach in nourishing substances, vitamins and microelements. During this period the mucous membrane is quite sensitive, that is why the hygiene of temporary dentures must be made using teeth brush with soft bristle and it is necessary to brush teeth attentively, traumatizing stitches the least possible, by 2 – 3 times a day, using an antiseptic mouthwash solution.

For people, who have dental dentures, a good oral hygiene is also important, as well as for a person who has healthy natural teeth. The external parts of the implant (superstructures) and dental dentures require a daily thorough brushing not only in early post-implantation period but also during all service period, because if you let microorganisms to accumulate and multiplicate on them, this will both shorten denture service period and will also harm the health of neighbor teeth.

It is extremely important to thoroughly take care of teeth in the morning and in the evening, because at night the secretion of saliva reduces (glands secretion), which causes a less antibacterial action compared to daytime. The diet must be observed during all the treatment period and during two weeks after placement of permanent denture. The zones requiring an increased attention during brushing are the superstructure of implant and the surface of denture, relevant to the gum. Teeth must be brushed in front of a big mirror and in good lighting conditions.

You will need all possible hygienic appliances for cleaning your teeth such as – brushes, floss and super floss. When you clean the sides of external parts of the implant and of the lower surface of denture you must let the floss passing in the space between superstructures and around them, and with back to front and left to right moves remove dental plaques from the sides and the back surface of implant superstructure. You can put on floss some toothpaste to smoothly polish the surface of the superstructure.

The lower surface of denture also needs a thorough cleaning. Therefore it will be cleaned with the help of floss with some toothpaste doing front to back moves. The patient can also use the super floss or the interdental brush. In this case toothpaste will have a protective and softening effect, but also will help to clean teeth more effectively.

Chewing, vestibular and lingual surface of teeth denture don’t need any special cleaning skills. They can be cleaned using a soft toothbrush with toothpaste on, similarly to natural teeth.

In the end of brushing it is necessary to thoroughly wash mouth with dental elixir. Mouth washing will help to remove bacteria and food leftovers, which were removed from the surface of teeth row during brushing, but still remained in oral cavity in places difficult to gain access to.

Correct and thorough daily hygienic care of oral cavity will help you prevent the inflammation process and damaging of tissues surrounding the implant and also avoid gums diseases, lengthening therefore the functioning of your denture.

These and other technologies are used in the dental centre “Denta Vita” located in the centre of Chisinau, where our qualified dentists take advantage of all their experience with the help of the up-to-date equipment for our patients’ benefit.