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The main reason causing caries and inflammation diseases of periodontium tissues is the dental plaque.

There is a huge number of methods for teeth cleaning that are used by patients. However independent cleaning, as a rule, is insufficient to entirely remove plaque from the so-called retention zones (difficult to gain access to).

Therefore Denta Vita uses magnetostrictive (!!!) ultrasound device Cavitron JET SPS tehnology, meant to remove soft and pigmented dental plaque and tartar and to polish teeth, combining the ultrasound and sandblasting methods. When deposits are removed, teeth tissues are smoothed, polished and processed with medicines containing fluoride. As a conclusion, doctor-hygienist will speak about the means of individual oral hygiene and rules of their use.

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Opportune and regular professional oral hygiene helps to early trace out dental diseases (caries, periodontitis and etc.) and to determine their prophylaxis.

Besides, healthy, thorough sanation of oral cavity are an inalienable condition for a qualitative execution of difficult treatment methods: esthetic obturation, micro denture, teeth whitening, surgical periodontitis treatment, implantations, orthopedic treatment and orthodontic treatment.

For this reason it is performed by high qualified doctors.

These and other technologies are used in the dental centre “Denta Vita” located in the centre of Chisinau, where our qualified dentists take advantage of all their experience with the help of the up-to-date equipment for our patients’ benefit.