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Service life of tooth implants

Dental implants are placed in the jawbone in order to create a supplementary support under denture.

It is considered that if denture is placed on implants their period of service lasts from 5 years up to 10 years, which is a good result. Up to 10 years and more — is already an excellent result. But these periods are relative because some dentures on implants serve more than 15–18 years and in other cases they are limited to 3–5 years.

Since dentures and implants are influenced during their period of service by very many factors and in each concrete case an approximate period is given for the use of dentures on implants, it is impossible to talk with the patient about concrete periods of implants and dentures service. Such prognosis are relative, because in medicine there are no objective tests and it is impossible to foresee the periods of dentures and implants service to a concrete patient.

Correct denture is very important for a stable work of implants. The period of use for an implant depends directly on the quality of preparation and placement of the crown, which must allow a correct hygiene. But even you have an ideal crown and you want to keep the implant in good state, you must pass periodical prophylactic examinations, not less than 2 times a year, during which the doctor-hygienist removes potential hotbeds of infection that can’t be removed by patient using toothbrush.

It is extremely important for prophylaxis of implants rejection to keep the same sterility as during surgery of oral cavity.

In case of rejection the implant will be removed, and later, according to anatomical conditions of jawbone, to diseases accompanying all patient’s body, the procedure of dental implantation is repeated and removable or irremovable dentures are prepared for.

The existing clinical studies show that due to a correct hygiene, the implant can serve not less than 25 years.

These and other technologies are used in the dental centre “Denta Vita” located in the centre of Chisinau, where our qualified dentists take advantage of all their experience with the help of the up-to-date equipment for our patients’ benefit.