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Making an appointment

Making an appointment through the site would reduce the cost of the service in professional teeth cleaning by 10%. Also as present from "Denta Vita" dental clinic you get a master class for teeth cleaning and a special floss to clean interdental spaces (in action days).

To make an appointment you need to call our administrator on telephone (+ 373 22) 227 336 or to fill in the form below.

Primary examination.

You have previously signed up for an appointment. And here you are in Denta Vita clinic. You are greeted by our administrators and they let you fill in a form in which you briefly specify information about yourself. Next you see off to the office, the doctor meets you and begins the examination.

The primary examination includes following services:

  • The doctor makes a visual examination of teeth and oral cavity in a dental chair. Moreover, the examination is done via the intraoral camera, so that the patient directly takes part. It is examined the orthopantomographic image (photograph of the upper and lower jaws in the expanded form).
  • With this photograph the doctor determines the condition of the teeth, bones, gums, presence of infections, tumors, cysts, that is he receives complete information for diagnosis.
  • When the diagnosis is established, the doctor suggests a plan of treatment. The treatment plan shall be drawn up individually; it can be simulated from multiple technologies best suited to you, due to the nature or value. If the patient needs prosthesis or implant, the doctor demonstrates training models to show how the proposed design looks.