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Your Private Dentist

- Tell me, you will call again in six months? - asks the patient after the preventive medical examination.

- Yes, well, perhaps not in six months but a little later, let’s say in 9-10 months, you have excellent hygiene, preventive medical examination every 6 months is too often for you.

- Good! So, I needn’t think about teeth problems, at least one care out!

Six months is an average time between medical examinations. Each patient has his or her own period between the preventive medical examinations, which becomes known after one or two standard preventive medical examinations. Somebody has only 3 months between them, someone else has 1 year. It depends on several factors. For a curious reader, they include:

  • The level of hygiene
  • The presence of stress (including pregnancy as one of them)
  • Change in residence, business trips
  • The caries process intensiveness etc.

It is your responsibility to define the frequency of preventive medical examination. We are not going to spend your time on an examination just to look in your mouth and say with a pleasant smile: “You are all right. You’d better go to a theater or a cinema”. To tell the truth, we do not have much time to waste either.
At the direction of your dentist, his or her assistant will register you in the examination schedule and on the right day the administrator will send you an e-mail or remind to visit us over the telephone.

  • Yes, we can provide complete control of your teeth state and finally, you will get your personal doctor.
  • You will not have to explain the details of the last operation to a new doctor.
  • You will always be sure that your teeth will not make you a problem at the most unsuitable moment. This is especially important for divers, mountaineers or athletes.
  • In case of emergencies, you will not try your luck coming to an unfamiliar doctor hoping for the better. You will not fear of facing the unknown.
  • You will always be able to get help on the day when you come. In case of need, we will treat you overtime.
  • Remember: even in the most critical situation with your teeth, there is always your personal dentist, who has put in order your teeth and is responsible for each of them.