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Presentation and clinical use of diode dental lasers DOCTOR SMILE™ D5. Showing the convenience of using the "intuitive" surgical guide, this excludes doctor’s eventual mistakes.

Multiple uses

Diode lasers DOCTOR SMILE™ are created especially for the use in different dentistry fields: in ENDODONTHIC, PARODONTHIC, for CONSERVATIVE and SURGICAL THERAPY of teeth and gums diseases, for TEETH LASER WHITENING. A lot of features of the lasers allow to call them the best tool to perform various operations and procedures, for example, the cut accuracy, the ability to stop bleeding, sterilization of the operating area. A vast variety of devices of this kind enables to use them as an alternative to traditional methods. For example, a special nozzle attached to the instrument enables the dentist to conduct anesthesia and whiten the tooth enamel surface.

Programming procedures

All the models are supplied with a set of procedures preinstalled in the device memory. These protocols are developed by the best experts. The effectiveness of the offered procedures is confirmed in numerous scientific publications. The values ​​of all parameters required for this type of treatment are immediately displayed on the monitor. This provides simplicity, speed and efficiency of the device. The parameters can be changed by the doctor for each individual patient.

User menu

User menu Doctor Smile™ D5

The clinical situation menu selection in the device Doctor Smile ™ D5 is user friendly and intuitively comprehensible. When clinically using DOCTOR SMILE ™ D5, a dentist does not ponder on the choice of complex numerical technical parameters, but simply chooses the branches of dentistry and specific procedures by pressing the following keys: E (Endo) - endodontics, P (Perio) - periodontics, S (Surgery) - dental surgery, T (Therapy) - therapeutic dentistry, W (Whitening) - laser whitening (with the special tips for the laser whitening, supplied in the set, and the laser-whitening system Doctor Smile ™ LWS). All necessary protocols and parameters are already preinstalled in the device memory. The "intuitive" user menu of the dental laser DOCTOR SMILE ™ D5 practically eliminates the possibility of a medical malpractice as a dentist in the clinical conditions selects the procedure itself instead of introducing a number of different parameters (for example, such as power, the type of fiber, radiation (continuous, impulse, super impulse, etc.). The absence of the ‘clinical’ menu is a significant defect of the laser equipment, as the dentist has to memorize multiple settings for various procedures. That increases the possibility of the medical malpractice.

DOCTOR SMILE ™ D5 is a new model of 2007, with the "intuitive" clinical menu, the system of laser teeth whitening DOCTOR SMILE ™ LWS, the improved delivery system of the laser radiation, the autoclavable optical fibers. It is light and compact.

The demonstration of laser teeth whitening procedures.

The advantage demonstration of the diode laser dental DOCTOR SMILE ™ over the conventional technologies (the scalpel vs. the dental laser diode DOCTOR SMILE ™). The laser dental surgery is performed without pain and anesthesia, no bleeding, considerably reduced the risk of HIV infection and viral hepatitis, thanks to the absence of bleeding and sterilizing effect. It provides better postoperative healing, better aesthetics without sutures.

Laser treatment and prevention of diseases of the oral cavity soft tissues

  • Frenectomy
  • Vestibuloplasty
  • Gingivoplasty for lengthening of the clinical crown
  • Preparation of the gingival sulcus before taking a print
  • The dismissal of impacted teeth
  • Laser therapy of leukoplakia
  • Biopsy
  • Removal of hypertrophied soft tissue
  • Removal of fibroids and papillomas
  • Abscess dissection and drainage
  • Treatment for the sensitive teeth and necks of the teeth
  • Direct sealing of the pulp
  • Sterilization and cleaning of the root canal
  • Treatment and prevention of the periodontal disease
  • Indoor/outdoor curettage
  • Flap operations
  • Disclosure of the abutments
  • Treatment of peri-implantitis
  • Laser analgesia
  • Laser teeth whitening with special nozzles - both small and large areas
  • Laser therapy of lichen ruber planus
  • Laser therapy of stomatitis
  • Laser therapy of cheilitis
  • Laser therapy of herpes
  • Laser therapy of mandibular neuralgia

These and other technologies are used in the dental centre “Denta Vita” located in the centre of Chisinau, where our qualified dentists take advantage of all their experience with the help of the up-to-date equipment for our patients’ benefit.